Eastlake Lacrosse Association

Return to Play 2020/2021

The priority for Eastlake Lacrosse is the health and safety of our players, staff member and volunteers. This return to play guidance was developed in accordance with US Lacrosse and federal, state, and local guidelines.

Personal accountability is key in the identification of symptoms and contact tracing and we ask that everyone do their part in working though this difficult time. Please notify info@eastlakelacrosse.org if you are aware of anyone who attended an Eastlake Lacrosse event and has tested positive for COVID-19.

In accordance with the Secretary of Health Order published on June 29th, 2021, Eastlake Lacrosse no longer requires face coverings for events.

General Guidance

Eastlake Lacrosse guidance is aligned with the Washington State COVID-19 Sporting Activities Guidance issued on June 2nd, 2021. In addition, the following Eastlake Lacrosse rules must be followed:

  • All events must be administered on eastlakelacrosse.org so that the appropriate waivers can be collected. No ad-hoc events.
  • League and facility specific guidelines will be followed.

Eastlake Lacrosse thanks everyone for their support and we are available to answer questions at info@eastlakelacrosse.org.


Last updated 5/5/2021

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