Eastlake Lacrosse proudly supports Points4Prevention (https://www.points4prevention.com) which helps to combat mental illness and teen suicide. Many of us have, or know somebody who has, battled anxiety, depression or mental illness. Some of us, unfortunately, know somebody that's lost that battle and committed suicide. Over the past couple of years, the Seattle lacrosse community has lost players to suicide. That pushed one of our players, Dylan Ochs, to create Points4Prevention. Points4Prevention aims to do the following:

  1. To help raise money for charities that support mental health causes.
  2. To create a community of athletes dedicated to helping teens who suffer from depression, anxiety or mental illness that could result in suicide
  3. To unite athletes and teams across the country through a common goal to combat mental illness and support suicide prevention programs through our fundraising efforts.

The way Points4Prevention works is simple...it is performance-based fundraising that is powered by athletes and teams on the field. This year we will be raising based on how many goals our Boys Varsity team scores throughout the year (~150 estimate). You are able to make a pledge based on total goals or a flat donation - all funds raised goes directly to Youth Eastside Services (YES). Below are some statistics Youth Eastside Services shared with us on the importance of what they do. Also please see attached for additional information.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, young people across the US struggled the most of any age group with their mental health.
  • In 2020, youth ages 11 to 17 across the US were more likely than any other age group to report serious symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Nearly one in four youth under 18 has struggled with suicidal thoughts during the pandemic.
  • Across Washington, mental health-related visits to emergency departments for children and youth ages 5 to 17 increased 31% between April and October of 2020, compared with the year before.
  • Here in the Lake Washington School District (LWSD), currently almost one in three 10th graders and more than one in three 12th graders report symptoms of depression

How to Get Started and Donate

Setting up your donation is easy:

  • Visit https://pledgeit.org/eastlake-lacrosse-2021
  • Select Pledge Now
  • Choose either to "Make a Pledge Per Goal/Win"¬†or "Make a One Time Donation"
  • Choose the value of your pledge from those listed or enter a customized pledge amount
  • Continue to Payment and enter your name, email and credit card information (it's secured)
  • Select your Pledge It Tip Amount (you may select Custom and enter any amount, including $0)
  • Confirm and finalize your pledge

Eastlake Lacrosse is proud to dedicate our efforts in every game this season to raising awareness and supporting causes related to teenage mental health and suicide prevention. We hope you'll join us! For more information, please contact Dylan Ochs (DylanOchs2022@gmail.com or @Dylan.Ochs), Points4Prevention (points4prevention@gmail.com) or visit Points4Prevention.com to learn more.

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