This year Eastlake Lacrosse is supporting a program called Points4Prevention ( to combat mental illness and teen suicide. Many of us have, or know somebody who has, battled anxiety, depression or mental illness. Some of us, unfortunately, know somebody that's lost that battle and committed suicide. Over the past couple of years, the Seattle lacrosse community has lost players to suicide. That pushed one of our players, Dylan Ochs, to create Points4Prevention. Points4Prevention aims to do the following:

  1. To help raise money for charities that support mental health causes.
  2. To create a community of athletes dedicated to helping teens who suffer from depression, anxiety or mental illness that could result in suicide
  3. To unite athletes and teams across the country through a common goal to combat mental illness and support suicide prevention programs through our fundraising efforts.

The way Points4Prevention works is's performance-based fundraising that's powered by athletes and teams on the field. For our Eastlake Lacrosse Varsity Men's team, we have partnered to create two campaigns that will raise money based on our team's performance:

  • Points scored against Skyline in our March 17th home opener
  • Total Wins this season (including the playoffs)

We will collect donations for both campaigns and it would be great if you help support this cause and share it with others. All the money we raise will benefit Youth Eastside Services (YES) and their work to provide behavioral health services, providing for children, youth, and families in East King County. The money we raise may very well impact the life of someone you know! Just enter your pledge and the team will take care of the rest on the field. So, if our team scores 12 goals against Skyline and you pledged $2/goal, you'd end up pledging $24. If our team wins 20 games and you pledge $5/win, you'd end up pledging $100. Best of all, that donation is 100% tax deductible.

How to Get Started and Donate

Setting up your donation is really easy:

Eastlake Lacrosse is proud to dedicate our efforts against both Skyline and in every game this season to raising awareness and supporting causes related to teenage mental health and suicide prevention. We hope you'll join us! For more information, please contact Dylan Ochs ( or @Dylan.Ochs), Points4Prevention ( or visit to learn more.

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