Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Our 2022 Cookie Dough Fundraiser kicks off 3/3/2022 and concludes 3/25/2022. The fundraising is run though the RAISE365 App. Instructions on how to sign up are available here. Don't forget to register your team, there are great prizes for the team that raises the most money and individual prizes as well. The prize info can be seen here.


Why is Eastlake Lacrosse fundraising?

Our registration fees only cover 75% of our operating costs. We rely on fundraising, sponsorships and corporate matching to meet our budget.

Can the dough be shipped?

Unfortunately not, the dough must remain refrigerated and therefore can't be shipped directly.

What is the best way to sign up multiple athletes from the same family?

Create multiple accounts through the app (this requires using separate emails).


Add both kids' names in the profile. For example, “Drew & Kyle Wright” or “The Wright Family”. This Is usually the easiest way when people have multiple kids in the program.

I don't want any dough. Can I still help out?

Yes! The following are some other ways to contribute.

If someone buys at least 1 box, they can then add more donations without buying multiple boxes... and any ADDITIONAL donations above the cost of the purchase will go 100% to the Eastlake program. There is an option when checking out to add a donation.

We've asked Adrenaline to allow an option for allowing direct donations WITHOUT buying a box of cookie dough, and all donation will go directly to Eastlake Lacrosse, plus Drew (our rep from Adrenaline) said he'd be sure to count all 25$ donations made on an athlete's account toward their 'prize' pursuit.

If you would like to just donate to the program without going through the fundraiser app etc., anyone can donate by clicking the Donate Today button below.

Lastly, we will have an event coming up later this year (usually May), called LAX BASH, where parents/coaches all get together at an auction with food and libations and bid on prizes, goods, and services donated to the program. That is a great opportunity as all winning bids go to the program and it's a bit of fun. More info and details to come soon.

Will I be able to get credit for a "box of dough sold" when someone donates additional $ during their purchase?

At the end of the sale we will be adding up donations of $25 or above, and putting them towards the athlete's sales! We will have it recorded once the sale closes, as we can not add it on during! But do not worry, we will put it towards the prizes at the end of the sale!  Donations are just an added benefit to the sale for people who don’t want any product, it is not meant to cause an issue. The prizes are for products sold because that allows for everyone an equal opportunity to earn prizes

What is the ingredient list?

Worried about allergies? Check out the full ingredients list.

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